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Piano Notation Chart

A chart to help learn correlations between notes on the staff and piano keys.

chart of piano notation

Piano Chart - Keys Muted

A similar chart to that above, with a greater focus on the musical staff.

chart of piano notation

Multiplication Triangle

While the triangle concept was not my own, I think I brought some interest to it by highlighting certain mathematical patterns.

multiplication triangle

Multiplication Table

A simple table for multiplication up to 10*10. The products are visually grouped by row. Odd numbers are light gray and every other column has a darkened background to make lookups easier.

multiplication table

A Score to be Settled

A graphic novel spread for an illustration class.

chart of piano notation

Dungeon Trek Logo

For a mobile game that I worked on. I created it before learning object-oriented programming. I may rebuild it one of these days.

chart of piano notation


A charcoal still life for a drawing fundamentals class. I learned to work from the general to the specific, about lighting, and about perspective.

multiplication triangle

Dragon's Castle

This is a traditional drawing scanned and painted digitally.

multiplication table