Hello World posted: 03/20/2017

Welcome to my personal log.

I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Tom, a software and full stack web developer from Madison Wisconsin. In addition to software and web development, I've been educated in graphic design & illustration. I'm a huge computer geek and a video game developer in my spare time.

Here on my log, I'll be posting about (and snippets from) the code that I write and some of the projects I work on. Some of these will be from my entries to hackathons and game jams, some will be personal projects or my own crazy comp-sci experiments, and others will be class work that I'm particularly proud of. I hope to share lessons learned, experiences gained, and resources found. Maybe I'll break out of the professional tone and geek out about something once in a rare while. I'll aim to post once or twice a week. Hopefully we'll get that formalized as this gets rolling.

I hope my code will be of use to some of you in your own projects and that this log might act as a kind of introduction to those of you who may be future colleagues. I haven't added a comment system (yet?) but if you ever want to shoot me a message, my inbox is open and I have a contact form over here.

Thanks for stopping by!
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